The Performance Enhancing Drug Question, and It’s Not Steroids

The Performance Enhancing Drug Question, and It’s Not Steroids

Are Mental Performance Enhancing Drugs The Wave of the Future?

Drug addiction Amongst the most abused drugs with the highest numbers of first time users are prescription drugs of every variety, shape, and purpose.  Cocaine and heroin have been replaced with friendly looking colorful pills that can easily be found in many medicine cabinets. They are accessible, ferociously over prescribed, and have a general acceptability that makes them seem like “not a big deal”.


Amongst these prescription drugs are those related to the epidemic of study drugs, or drugs that give you a competitive edge whether it be your job or your college career.  Even high school and middle-schoolers are being found to use these drugs to increase productivity, concentration, and motivation, but what does this mean towards the bigger picture of American society? Information on Drug Rehab is here.

Drugs have long been used for their healing properties and recreational effects, but in this new age of global competition and scrutinized statistical information made available in order to weed out the best candidates (and relegate the mediocre), new benefits have been garnered from that which was once regarded for only the pariah of society.


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King of The Study Drugs

Amongst these study drugs sits their chief, “King Adderall”, and in this brief piece ,we will not only discuss the  short term benefits and consequences of the drug Adderall, but also the bigger picture of what the abuse of Adderall as a study drug means towards the overall social conscience of our society.

The short term benefits of Adderall (legal consumption levels or otherwise) are that it helps those who struggle and suffer from ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a condition related to attentiveness, or lack of, impulsivity, and over activity behaviors.  In regards to this discussion, the short-term benefits include improved energy, and an increased ability to focus and concentrate on subject matters that might otherwise be more challenging to comprehend and digest.


The short-term consequences of Adderall are that’s it increases blood pressure and can increase the chance of heart related problems.  It can also lead to appetite suppression, which in turn causes abnormal weight loss.  There is also a certain percentage of society which will experience a severe crash after using the drug.


Sometimes it is easy to look at the immediate benefits or consequences of a drug while avoiding the deeper cultural relevance that is underlying and is occurring at a more fundamental level.  This site anwers addiction questions: The question becomes, is it okay to take drugs to better yourself and your family’s standing in society?

Is taking Adderall as a study drug a new form of cheating by creating an unfair advantage, like taking steroids in the athletic arena?  Or could this even be a symbolic precursor of the motivations that lead to  a future in which genetic manipulation starts to occur to give babies special mental ability. It may sound like science fiction, but it’s not as farfetched as you might think especially when you consider the advances we are already seeing in the genome sciences.


I believe that taking drugs to gain an advantage in any context is cheating. But at the end of the day, as alleged steroid abusers Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons sit down in their mansions and count their millions of dollars, providing what seems like wonderful lives for their families, do they even remember that they “cheated” to get there? Do they care? Does anyone care? And most important, would I have done it? Would you?